All the Hats…

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I decided to call my blog, "All the Hats".  The name came to me after someone asked "which hat are you wearing?".

I am a Mayor, a Mom, Member of the local School Board, an Executive Director with a non-profit and a Sales Rep.

I wear a lot of hats, I do my best not to wear them all at once.  Not only is unfashionable it is also impossible!

I didn't wake up one morning and say, lets gets involved in a million things, it all happened naturally.  Sometimes,  before I knew it,  there was another hat on my head.  I am not a fan of hats, they just are not too comfortable and I rarely feel that I even look good in them.

I wear these many hats with humble sense of pride.  Plenty of people depend on me to ensure that the greater good it met.

This blog, will in doubt touch on all the hats I wear.  There will be some humor and random life stories along the way.  I invite you to learn more about my hats and follow me along on my journey.